Wooden Pegboard Letters

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Customise your pegboard and write inspirational quotes or messages with Blocks wooden pegboard letters. Inspired by Scrabble tiles each matte wooden letter is fitted with a dowel peg, which slot neatly into the pegboard holes. Memos are a fun and changeable way to add a communication element to this unique display tool.

Block wooden peg board letters are a playful addition to the Block Pegboard range.

Block Pegboard letters fit all Block Pegboards, and include all upper-case letters of the alphabet, as well multiple copies of common alphabet letters.

Each box of pegboard letters contains 55 wooden letters.

Letters measure 21 x 21 x 7mm plus 6mm peg attachment.

Each pack contains: 3 of A, E, I, O, U; 1 of Q, Z; and 2 of all other letters.

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