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What Size Dining Table Should I Buy?

Size is one of the most important things you need to consider when ordering a new dining table.

Of course, style, wood finish and paint colour are all important, however you need a dining table that works with your home and fits with your lifestyle.

Luckily, dining tables come in all shapes and sizes! All our furniture can be made bespoke to ensure that you have the perfect fit, but how do you know what size dining table is right for you?

The first question you must ask yourself is, how many people does my table need to sit on a regular basis? When hosting Christmas and parties will I need to seat more?

When purchasing a table, you need to consider how many chairs comfortably fit between the table legs. All our dining tables have the distance between legs in the product description here. For the best fit, measure the widest part of your chairs (usually the backs or arm to arm if they are carvers) and account for 3-4cm between chairs to allow for elbow room. Work out the distance between the table legs and divide that measurement by your chair width to see how many seats can fit. Below is an approximate guide of how many people a standard dining table with standard chairs can seat, if you are unsure please contact us here and we would be happy to assist you:

If you’re tight for space, a round dining table may be a perfect fit to seat more people without taking up too much room. Here’s our guide on how many people can sit at our round dining tables (we offer 2 styles of bases for our round tables -for small tables up to 120cm our Farmhouse Pedestal Table can seat up to 5 people (chair dependent) and our Heritage base is used for large tables measuring 120cm-190cm which can seat up to 9 people (chair dependent)):

As well as seating, you need to consider how you would use your dining table. Do you love a standout centre piece? Do you often dine buffet style? Do you only need extra seats a few times a year?

If you need extra space for centre pieces or buffet platters, it may be worth considering increasing the width of your table from our standard 87cm to 100cm (bespoke widths are all possible for a small surcharge). You could also increase the width further to seat 2 chairs at end of the table which is a possibility on most of the products in our range, just get in touch for a bespoke quote.

If you only need to seat extra people on a few occasions a year, you may consider adding extension leaves and storing them elsewhere when not in use. If you’d like a quote to increase your width or add an extension leaf to your table prior to ordering, just get in touch.

The final thing to consider, but by no means the least important, is how your table will make it inside your property. Your table can only be as wide as your door! Think about access to the property, whether your table can fit through the front door, or down the side of the house and fit into your chosen room. The majority of our tables arrive with the legs detached to assist with delivery of your table inside its new home however please check the product description on your chosen product, our drivers can help assemble the table on delivery if requested.

Shop our wide range of dining tables here. If you’re ever in doubt on what size you need, get in touch!


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